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PFL makes a substantial investment in training its employees, who all go through an eight- week training program. For this reason, and many others, employee retention is critical. Quality, licensed, onsite early care and education has, without any doubt, contributed to employee retention.” 

Suzie Lalich, PFL Director of Employee Success.


Sparked by an employee’s need for childcare for her infant, (PFL), headquartered in Livingston, Mont., opened its Learning Center in 2002. The licensed center is exclusive to parents of PFL and provides care for 30 children, infant to 5-years old. From the beginning, employees unanimously led the charge to start the center, and the company subsidizes its operations. The Learning Center has improved employee retention, especially among mothers, and has helped attract new employees. PFL leadership is also contributing to a community initiative to provide more quality care throughout the community, which is in dire need of childcare.

Key Takeaways

PFL is a model of what a small- to mid-sized company can do to alleviate its employees’ need for childcare, and the creation of the Learning Center has improved employee retention, especially among women, and helped attract new employees.

Employee buy-in was key to the Learning Center’s success. Without the commitment of employees, the Learning Center may not have happened, nor would it have been the quality provider that it is.

The need for early childhood care and education in Livingston is dire. PFL is taking a leadership role in community conversations to address the issue, which will benefit all the young children in the community, not just those served by the Learning Center.