Montana Child Care Leaders Roundtable Discussions in Missoula
January 16, 2020

Business, governmental and non-profit leaders gathered to discuss local, state, and federal policy changes that would expand access to high quality, affordable childcare for employees to support Montana’s workforce. Linda Smith, a native Montanan, who leads the Early Childhood Initiative at the Bipartisan Policy Center facilitated conversations about current and prospective solutions on how to make the childcare market work
more effectively in order to address the needs of the workforce and employers.

Bipartisan Policy Center is a Washington DC based think tank that fosters bipartisan action by combining the best ideas from leaders across the political spectrum to find solutions that promote health, security and opportunity for all Americans.

My Village, Missoula Chamber of Commerce and Child Care Resources worked together to host this event. Key takeaways will be posted on Funders for Montana’s Children website soon.